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2015 M.O.T.A. Competition Year Series

2015 M.O.T.A. Competition Year Series

Toni Bou practices at the World Round in Rhode Island in 2015.  Photograph by Lorraine Celis.

UPDATED: October 27th, 2015

Per the 2015 Handbook:

Section 5.

The season championship will be determined by a riders highest accumulation of championship points in 75% of the available events rounded up to the nearest whole number of events. An available event shall be any one of the total number of scheduled championship events held not including the events worked.The season championship standings shall be calculated by removing ineligible riders from the end of season standings only, without adjusting the points awarded to riders in individual events. Championship ties shall be broken by adding the next best championship points paying event of each affected rider. When necessary, the additional next best events shall be added until all events are exhausted. If a tie still exists, the total dabs accumulated by each rider in all events where they rode head to head shall be used. If the season still ends in a tie, like awards shall be given.

Section 6

Prior to the annual awards banquet, the Association Committee will
determine how class championships will be recognized and awarded.

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